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Pizza Net

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  • TEL:+86 13833859428
  • Name:Brenda Wu
  • Address:Area 4,8#,No.5 Jingyi Road, East District of industrial Zone,Anping County,Hengshui City, Hebei,China

Product Description

Pizza Net pictures Pizza Net pictures Pizza Net pictures Pizza Net pictures Pizza Net pictures

 pizza net features:
1. High strength and light structure.
2. Anti-corrosion,durable and long working life.
3. Beautiful appearance,bright surface.
4. Easy to clean and maintenance.
5. Good ventilation,heat-dispersing.
6. Easy to transport.
7.Customized sizes.tool, used for pizza, bread, cookie, etc.

acier pizza net  Application

Pizza screen have been designed to enable evenly baked pizza crusts, flat breads, Italian base pizza, thin crust pizza and other baked goods, this professional-quality aluminum pizza screen incorporates a seamless design to allow for more ventilation and allows air to circulate around the food.

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