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Coal machine filter

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Product Description

Coal machine filter pictures Coal machine filter pictures Coal machine filter pictures Coal machine filter pictures Coal machine filter pictures

Coal mine filter Element

AHS FILTER ELEMENT supply kinds of filter element used for Coal mine.


Main products are:

Pilot filter element

Into the liquid filter element

Bottom valve filter element

Backwash filter element

High pressure oil filter element

hydraulic suction strainer

Hydraulic pump station filter

Shearer filter

Unload the valve filter cartridge

suction filter

pump suction strainer

inline suction filter

hydraulic tank strainer

backwash water filter

sediment backwash filter

backflush filter

backwash filter well water


Coal Mine Filter Series:

Hydraulic control system filter filter (water spray filter, filter and bottom valve filter; small flow valve body filter);

Coal mine high pressure filter station filter (large flow high pressure backwash filter);

Coal mine high pressure backwash filter filter;

Mine hydraulic pump station filter (high pressure into the liquid filter, water tank into the liquid filter, oil filter, oil return filter, high pressure filter, lubrication filter, unloading valve filter cartridge, hydraulic tank suction strainer);

Special filter  (air filter, oil filter, diesel filter, oil filter, oil tank filter, shearer pressure oil filter, hydraulic oil filter, pressure filter, water filter, backwash filter, breathable filter, water pump intake filteretc. ).

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