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How long does the air filter element need to be replaced to save money

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The replacement cycle of air filter elements of different brands is different. Every 10000 km, 20000 km is OK. In fact, when to change the filter element depends on the specific situation of the car. If you drive in a dusty and windy environment, you should check the air filter element every time you maintain it. If you can't use it, you have to replace it. Driving in a relatively clean environment can slightly extend the replacement cycle.

Once the air filter element is too dirty, the fuel consumption and power of the engine will be affected, and the fuel system of the engine will be damaged after a long time. When the filtering function is not good, it will cause some dust to enter the cylinder for combustion, and then it will face a series of faults, such as carbon deposition and lack of power.


Since car owners often maintain their cars, they must be car lovers. As for the replacement of the air filter element, it can be replaced according to the environment of the car. It's good to maintain it when it doesn't need to be replaced. Once there is a problem, it should be replaced in time. Don't take any chances. Once you find that the air filter element can't be used, you should replace it immediately. If it is not replaced in time, it will bring hidden danger of driving and affect personal safety.

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